How the New Flower Marketplace Helps Florists Find New Clients and Promote Business Without Capital Investments

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The flower market has its established business rules, but what if we try to change the traditional business model and simplify the interaction between the buyers and sellers, increase the florists' revenue and ease the monotonous burden of searching for new clients 

The Flowwow flower marketplace is a unique sleek platform that does exactly that and exists within a single app Flowwow Florist. Everything the florists need for their successful business is on their phones. Flowwow invites flower stores and freelance florists to be part of our new highly efficient system.

But let us introduce ourselves first! Flowwow started operations several years ago and introduced the Flowwow Florist app. It allows florists to open an online version of their shops and list the items they sell: flowers, edible bouquets, plants, sweets, handmade trinkets. The sellers set their own prices and instantly gain access to orders from new buyers. We only ask our florists to simply deliver the items on time, and the items have to match advertised images. Then our professional team of SEO specialists launches advertising/promo campaigns and promotes the goods of our florist partners. Flowwow brings new clients and orders to our partners:t hanks to our precisely targeted digital advertising and context ads through the main search engines and platforms. For our services, we only charge a 20% commission on every order florists receive through the app. No secret fees, no subscription charges!

Three months ago we reached out to Jannet, the owner of the American ‘Pink Petals’ shop and offered her to sign up for Flowwow Florist. Her response was ‘It all sounds quite unrealistic’ she decided to still give us a try. We asked for her feedback after three months.

FW: Hello! Thanks for meeting with us. Tell us about your experience using the Flowwow Florist app!

Pink Petals: Hey! To my surprise, I really enjoyed using the Flowwow Florist and was amazed by how well your system works. I appreciate not having to pay anyone for managing my advertising because I get it with you for free. I receive new orders every day and all the information I need to fulfill them is displayed in the app. Sometimes customers forget to specify the delivery address but then I simply contact them through the app chat to clarify it. Feels like using Messenger for florists! 

FW: And what’s your opinion about our courier monitoring feature?

Pink Petals: When my courier is ready to deliver the bouquet, our florist clicks the ‘The courier is on the way’ button, this allows the client to see where their bouquet is in real-time. I also added my employees to our virtual store and now they get instantly notified about incoming orders. This is really convenient. The entire ecosystem for interactions between the buyers and our store is on our phones.

FW: What else do you enjoy about our app?

Pink Petals: When the item is out of stock it can be temporarily hidden. We restore it with a single button click as soon as we restock the flowers. There is no need to upload the bouquets again and this saves time. Furthermore, if something is unclear, the florist contacts the support team via the app and it takes less than a minute to receive the answer!

FW: Thanks for your feedback! Have you used another marketplace before you switched to Flowwow? 

Pink Petals: Yes, but I won’t mention the name. The commission was also 20% but I also had to pay an extra $5 monthly fee, plus $10 monthly for the technical support...

FW: We notice that you deliver all orders on time and your customers leave positive reviews. That’s why Flowwow awarded you with a special sign which shows that you are a trustworthy florist! Now your goods are listed at the very top of the page and will be even better visible for buyers. 

Pink Petals: Wow, sounds cool! Is it free of charge?

FW: Absolutely. This is your reward! Thank you for your time and have a great day. 

Pink Petals: My pleasure. Buy!

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