Flowwow — online platform for sellers and customers, works in 950 cities of the world

Every day, thousands of shops place items here from different categories: flowers, pastry, toys, jewelry, food and much more. And users receive a convenient and reliable service - this is an excellent solution for daily purchases

Our mission

We help local business to develop themselves, and clients - to save time from routine and switch to what is important for them: spending time with their family and friends, career, interests and hobbies, self-development

At the core of Flowwow there is the desire to give the world a convenient and high-quality service that solves problems and frees up time for more interesting things

Our values

We gather people who shares our values

  • Benefit
  • Simplicity
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Open to anything new
  • Automatisation and technologies
  • Support for entrepreneurs

Our advantages

  • Huge selection

    Gathered 5,500 shops from 950 cities around the world on one site. Flower boutiques, culinary shops, jewelry workshops, farmer’s shops. The choise is yours!

  • Trustworthy reviews

    Customers evaluate the service of the shop and the item only after delivery, so all reviews on the site comes only from real people

  • Always in stock

    Show only items that are in stock at the moment and can be delivered

  • Built-in chat with shop

    Checkout without calls and correspondence in personal messengers: all communication with shops in the built-in chat

  • Payment without direct bank card transfers

    Pay with a bank card or Apple Pay and Google Pay. All transactions - officially and with reciept

  • Profitable

    Competition is the driving force behind Flowwow: shops strive to improve service and quality of items. Also there are always special offers and discounts.

  • Saving time

    You don't have to explore the interface and fill in many different fields: the service remembers the data, so you don't need to enter it every time

  • Items like on photo

    Before delivery, we send a photo of an item: make sure everything looks as you imagined

  • Reliability

    If an item does not meet the declared quality, you can open a dispute and return the money or demand compensation

Our team

For press

For the latest news, contact us at press@flowwow.com