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Flowwow Help What if I don't like a bouquet?
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What if I don't like a bouquet?
Before departure of a courier, you will be sent a photo of the finished bouquet. If the arranged bouquet isn't consistent with your expectations, inform a store about it using the "chat" or "call" buttons by following a link to your order from SMS. Specify what it is necessary to change in your bouquet. If a bouquet is completely different from the ordered one, you can cancel your order by clicking the appropriate button and selecting a refusal reason. We can transfer your order to another contractor or return money.

If you aren't satisfied with already delivered bouquet for some reason, then go to your personal account (in the app/on the website) or follow a link from SMS (e-mail) message. There you will be asked to leave a review about your order. When leaving a negative review, you can open a dispute and money on a store's account will be frozen.

According to the Flowwow service's policy, you can agree on replacement of a bouquet, a compliment or refund with a contractor store. Also, a contractor store can give a discount for future purchases. You can open a dispute within 3 calendar days after delivery. If you have previously left a positive review on this order - it isn't possible to open a dispute with a store.

Read more about disputes.

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