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Money safety
When you place an order and choose the payment method "Payment card", the order amount is frozen by your bank, i.e. it is held for subsequent writing off. At this time, your bank reduces your available balance on the card by the amount you have spent, but doesn't write it off.

In fact, funds from your card are written off only after the bank receives a financial confirmation of the executed operation. If you place an order in the app — this is the time of execution of an order, on the website - the moment of acceptance of an order by florists.

Funds are kept by Flowwow (not by a contractor store) from the moment of their writing off and 3 days after delivery. They are kept by Flowwow for the case if you will have any questions about the delivered order. You can open a dispute with a contractor store in these three days and funds will not be paid to them until the situation with you will be settled. To open a dispute, it is necessary only to leave a negative review about this contractor store. After that, you will be asked to open dispute.

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