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40 cm 45 cm
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Product description

Spathiphyllum (Spathiphyllum) is a popular perennial plant of the family Araceae. The name comes from two Greek words: "Spata" – blanket and "fillum" list, describing specific flower, which resembles an ordinary leaf of a plant, but white only. The birthplace of Spathiphyllum South America, Eastern Asia, Polynesia. The stem of a plant is missing, the basal leaves form a bundle directly from the soil. The root system of the flower is rather short. The leaves are oval with a distinct midrib. Lateral veins on the leaves are pressed from the upper side. Inflorescence in the form of a cob: on a long stalk, with a veil at the base. White veil after flowering fast greens. If Spathiphyllum after the acquisition in the pot, then after two or three weeks it should be transplanted into a pot that is slightly larger in size. This flower is different from the vast majority of the remaining houseplants my vlagalishe, so after its purchase, make sure that the ground was quite wet. Otherwise, immediately pour it. Put the flower best will be closer to the window, which is located on the North side of the house. This location will provide optimum entry of sunlight, at the same time eliminating the possibility of overheating. It should be remembered that the Spathiphyllum is absolutely contraindicated in rooms with dry air. In the winter to spray the plant slightly smaller than summer, but still it should be done carefully. The flower called "Spathiphyllum" is a big favorite among florists and gardeners. This is a flower room that is not demanding on the lighting. Spathiphyllum can be a great decoration for offices and other rooms, with good lighting. Experienced botanists will tell you that the care of the flower like Anthurium care, however, some differences still exist.
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