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How to place an order?
For placing an order, choose a delivery city. Then choose a suitable bouquet among bouquets presented by local contractor stores and click on "Buy now". Choose "Non-cash payment for legal entities" as a payment method. If you need to deliver several bouquets at different addresses, place a separate order for each address. We understand that it is quite inconvenient to pay for several orders from different accounts, so you can open a deposit account for your company. A deposit is an amount on your Flowwow account, by means of which you can pay for orders by one click, that is, you can refill your account for any necessary amount one time and pay for orders on the website or in the app from a deposit.
To use this system, generate an account in personal account, and then send a payment information to hello@flowwow.com.
Funds on a deposit doesn't lose and, in case of need, can be returned back into an account of your legal entity.

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