The ceremonial basket on September 1 for the Director: flowers to order Flowwow
60 cm 80 cm

The ceremonial basket on September 1 for the Director

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60 cm 80 cm
As pictured Rose - 5 pc.
Chrysanthemum Bush - 5 pc.
The Mattioli - 4 pc.
Chrysanthemum - 4 pc.
Oak leaves - 3 pc.
Lisianthus - 3 pc.
Orchid Cymbidium - 3 pc.
Hypericum - 2 pc.
Statica - 2 pc.
Gladiolus - 2 pc.
Topper - 1 pc.
Basket - 1 pc.
Oasis - 1 pc.
Greens - 1 pc.
Pistachio - 1 pc.
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Product description

The new school year is a joyful occasion. The anticipation of new experiences or meeting up with old friends. Bright, colorful bouquets play with all the colors of autumn in the hands of students. Traditionally, flowers are handed to the class teacher and some favorite teachers. However, the most important person of the school is neglected by students and their parents. It seems that a bouquet of flowers to the Director of the school should be very luxurious and expensive. But it is a common misconception. The manifestation of attention and respect in itself is very nice, but the financial aspect can be solved by dividing the cost of a beautiful bouquet for the Director between the whole class.
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