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Gift certificate
A gift certificate is provided in the form of a promotional code for the selected payment. When placing an order, you must specify the number of your gift certificate in the Promo code field.

Terms of use:
1. You can use the gift certificate only once.
2. If the total amount of the order exceeds the face value of the certificate, the buyer should pay the difference.
3. If the total amount of the order is lower than the nominal value of the certificate, the balance is stored in bonus points on the account.
4. A certificate can be used only for one order.
5. Summation of several certificates for order payment is not allowed.
6. The certificate does not provide the buyer with the right to receive funds in the amount of the cost of the certificate.
7. Apply the certificate when placing an order.
8. The certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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