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What is a dispute?
The dispute is an opportunity for clients to protect their interests and funds in the event of receiving a defective product or not receiving of a product at all.

How to open a dispute? After the "Delivered" status, you will receive SMS asking you to rate the store. If you give 1 or 2 stars, it is suggested to leave a claim and open a dispute. If the claim is left, the review is displayed on the store page. But if you open a dispute - the funds on the contractor store's account are blocked, and you get a link to a separate chat with the store for this dispute. If the dispute remains unanswered by the store - it will be settled in your favor after 72 hours. When you get a message in the chat from the store, you will receive push notification. If you don't notice it, then the link to the chat will be repeated for you in the SMS in 20 minutes. Since flowers are perishable goods, and their condition after delivery depends on proper care - the dispute can be opened no later than 3 days after the order is delivered.

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