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Resolution of disputes
If the buyer has not received the goods paid or received is not the same as in the composition, he can open a dispute for the order. Once the buyer opens the dispute, we hold the money until the dispute is resolved. If buyer and seller unable to agree, the decision will be Flowwow.
From creation to completion
Create dispute
After delivery, the buyer can open a dispute, specifying the desired solution
Florist answer
Florist accepts or rejects the proposed decision of the dispute
Clarification of the problem, the proposal to resolve the dispute occurs in the chat
Flowwow Help
If the buyer and the contractor do not come to a common decision, Flowwow enters Into the dispute
The solution of the dispute
  • Partial refund
  • Full refund
  • A gift from the shop
  • Gift promotional code for any product on flowwow
  • Delivery of a new bouquet from the shop
The dispute can be closed in favor of the shop-contractor without any compensation to the buyer.
Tips for successful interaction in a dispute
Each one is interested in the decision
Start the conversation without any prejudice and listen patiently to the other side. Majority problems arise from misunderstandings and simple human error.
Be constructive and consistent
You need to make it clear that you want to come to to a mutual decision, the other side wants the same thing. A manifestation of mutual respect can make a conversation more productive. A sequence of statements thoughts will simplify communication.
Support your arguments with facts
Do not forget to attach photos, if required the reason for the dispute. Photos of the products, screenshots calls will help understand the cause of the dispute from an objective side, and come to a common solution.
Focus on solving the problem
Even if you are very upset about the situation — do not let emotions prevail. Try to understand the opponent's position and take his place. Answer yourself the questions: to make you feel and do, once in place on the other side. What solution would suit you?
Answers to frequently asked questions
For partners
How to start dispute
If you are not satisfied with the performance of your order-please click on the link from the SMS message for the evaluation of the shop fronts. Choose a rating of 1 or 2, write a review. You will be asked to open a dispute. The dispute can only be opened by the client.
Where to find dispute-chat?
After registration of the dispute you will receive a text message link to the dispute on request. In answering shop-contractor you will receive a push notification. If in dispute there is no long answer from you, you will come re-SMS message with a link to the dispute. In case of your failure to reply within 72 hours, the dispute will automatically closed in favor of the store-contractor.
What will be the decision on the dispute?
The decision on the dispute may be completely different depending on the problem encountered during the order fulfillment. In the process of a dispute, you and the contractor suggest solutions arisen problem. If agreement is not obtained, the dispute shall be submitted to side flowwow
Why doesn't the florist answer me?
When you open a dispute the shop administrator receives a notice of the existence of a new dispute. He also has there are 72 hours to provide you with an answer. If no reply is received, a decision will be made by flowwow.
When do I get my money back?
Refund takes place within 7 banking days after the relevant decision on the dispute.
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