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The beauty of love

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35 cm 38 cm
As pictured Soap rose - 33 pc.
Satin ribbon - 3 pc.
Arrows - 2 pc.
Hatbox - 1 pc.
Oasis - 1 pc.
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Спасибо вам за приятные эмоции!!!! 🥳🥳🥳
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Попросил в открытке написать «твой друг», написали «твоя друг»
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Всё супер! Позвонили заранее, курьер приехал в точно назначенное время! Сделал комплимент! Безумно приятно иметь с вами дело! Всё вышка!
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Product description

A NEW TREND of 2019!!! ⠀ Roses made out of soap!! 😍 ⠀ These "flowers" quickly gained popularity among people of different ages, since the cost of the finished bouquet lower than of flowers, and the scope and the lifetime of the disproportionately longer (at least 3 years). ⠀ Roses and other flowers out of soap, it is absolutely undemanding in care. Rather, it is not required. ⠀ Should adhere to simple rules: 1. Not to put the composition of the soap in hot, wet and humid areas, because it can affect the soap. ⠀ 2. Not water, not spray and completely avoid moisture on the flowers, unless you use them deliberately during the bathing procedures (as the petals in the bath as body soap, etc.) ⠀ 3. If you want to remove dust - just go with cool stream of air from a hair dryer. This will clean the roses and will not harm their delicate petals.
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