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Flower delivery in Vilnius

Popular products from local florists
Flowwow is Flower and gift delivery from local florists
Popular products in Vilnius Products that frequently buy
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Flowwow is not simply online-shop for flowers in in Vilnius . We form proposal of flowers with delivery from popular flower galleries of the city. Your task is to choose and order the bouquet and our shops-partners will take care about timely delivery

Flower delivery

In this section we will shortly answer frequently asked questions about the process of flower delivery.

Where can I buy flowers with delivery in in Vilnius ?

You can buy flowers with delivery on our website choosing your city. Service Flowwow works in 1200 cities, where we work with the most reliable flower shops. You will receive a bouquet from one of them.

Is the delivery in region possible?

Yes, the delivery in this region is possible. The price of this delivery is set by the flower gallery-partner.

Who and in what time performs the delivery of flowers in in Vilnius ?

Order will be delivered by the courier of the flower gallery, that completes the order. Time of the delivery depends on the flower shop and address of the delivery and can last from 55 minutes to 4 hours. Approximate time of the delivery you will know when proceeding your order.

Price of the bouquet delivery and payment methods

In the city limits delivery is free, price for the deivery outside the city is set by flower shop.

You can pay for flowers by Yandex.Money, .

How to order flower delivery?

To proceed the order you can choose the bouquet and click the button «Buy». Then please fill in the information about the sender and recipient and choose convenient for you method of payment. After the payment confirmation the courier will deliver flowers in specified time to the address.

How will you inform me about the delivery?

As soon as the order is paid and delivered, we will send you an SMS to the number, specified in the order and an e-mail.

What are the methods of the delivery?

Delivery is completed by the courier of shop-partner, that will complete the order.

Proceeding the order

Here are given answers to frequently asked questions about proceeding the order and payment.

At what time of the day is the delivery of flowers compositions possible?

The delivery is being completed anytime within timetable of the flower shop.

Is it possible to perform a delivery on the same day?

Yes, it is possible. But please keep in mind the working hours and time for delivery of the shop, where you are making the order. If the you have made an order an hour before closing, the bouquet will be brought the next day.

Is it possible to deliver flowers on exact time?

Yesm you can enter the time of delivery by proceeding the order, but please keep in mind working hours of the flower shop — flowers will not be delivered in non-operating time.

If I order several bouquets to one address, how much will I pay for the delivery?

Usually the delivery of several bouquets in the city limits is free, but please make clear such moments with the flower shop, where you order the bouquet.

What guarantee do I have, that the flowers will be fresh?

The bouquets are gathered only before delivery - this warranties the freshness of flowers. If you want to make sure the honesty of the flower shop, read the reviews of other customers.

Can I send flowers without the signature?

Of course, just write about that in the field with comments by proceeding your order and the courier won’t tell the recipient, who sent the flowers.

Pluses of buying bouquets of our website

On our website you have an opportunity to choose the most interesting flowers: roses, sunflowers, amaryllis, lilies, peonies, orchids, matricarias, tulips, alstroemerias, herberas, callas, irises, eustomas and other, even more exotic flowers.

You can easily and fastly order bouquet by prefered colour, price, for definite holiday, for exact recipient. You have an opportunity to choose exicting bouquet of irises for girlfriend, most refined flowers for holidays or more neutral flowers for boss — we guarantee the freshness of flower composition.

Our service offers our customers:

  • affordable priceswithout margin- we work without intermediaries;
  • free deivery of flowers in in Vilnius ;
  • exact time of the delivery — from 55 minutes and more;
  • flower delivery regularly: each quarter, once in the half of the year, weekly, monthly, 3 times a week.

Flowwow guarantees that the bouquet will be the same as on the image on the website: we do not force the staff of flower shops to make the bouquets like on the photo — all bouquets posted in catalog are in the range of flower shops, that are our partners.

Flowwow — fresh bouquets with timely delivery.

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Flowwow flowers
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